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Getting a tattoo in Mau is increasingly becoming the norm as more and more people choose to get inked as a form of self-expression and in some cases as a way to rebel against orthodox societal customs. reports that 45 million Americans currently have a tattoo that is roughly 14% of the population, and a similar trend is in India as well. Tattooing refers to the art of creating images under the skin by use of a needle gun and indelible ink. Tattoos used to be the forte of biker gangs, people in prison, the Yakuza mafia, and other unsavory types. However, regular people and even professionals like doctors and lawyers are getting tattoos in droves to the effect that 40% of persons aged 26 – 40 now sports at least one tattoo.

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History Of Tattooing

The art of tattooing has been around for over 5000 years, and various cultures across the ages have practiced this form of body modification for millennia. Otzi the Iceman, whose frozen remains were discovered in on a mountain between Italy and Austria in 1991, provides evidence of tattooing back in the Bronze Age. His skin had 57 tattoos and scientists believe that these markings were used for the treatment of diseases. The Pazryk culture, ancient Egypt, Japanese and Chinese cultures, as well as Polynesia and Africa, also practiced some tattooing, Polynesian tattooing is the most famous, with intricate and advanced designs which are thought to contain the life force of a person. The word tattoo is considered to come from the Samoan word tatau and refers to the application of tattoos by hand. The Hawaiians also had their tattoo traditions, with certain tattoos being associated with health guarding and spiritual well-being enhancing properties. Other countries and continents also had their tattooing traditions but unfortunately many of these went into decline with the arrival of Western missionaries who demonized tattooing and caused people to abandon the practice in order to avoid punishment from the gods.

Tattoos In The Modern World

Modern tattooing employs the use of the needle gun, a device that comprises of a sterilized needle driven by an electric motor. Tattoo designer uses the needle gun that injects ink under the skin with 30 to 8000 pricks per minute. The needle gun was invented by Samuel O’Reilly back in 1891. This gun used an electric motor to operate a crankshaft that raised and lowered the needle. Later improvements integrated a ramp to improve efficiency and resulted in the coil tattoo machines that are most popular today. In the year 2000, Tattoo Carson Hill introduced the first pneumatic needle that uses gas instead of electricity.

Why More People In Mau Are Getting Tattooed

Getting a tattoo is not as taboo as it used to be and many Mau tattoo shop owners are receiving larger numbers of people aged between 16 and 75, all looking to take part in this body modification process. Several reasons are contributing to this:

  • The upsurge in the number of celebrities and sports figures sporting tattoos is encouraging people (especially teenagers) who want to look like their favorite star to take the leap.
  • As a form of self-expression or to show support for a cause such as environmental conservation or religious tolerance.
  • To fit in with a particular group such as a motorcycle club or group at school.
  • To cover scars from procedures such as mastectomy.
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Tattoo Artist Overview

A tattoo artist uses a needle gun to create permanent images under the skin. Tattooists are professionals that create images on skin according to requests and specifications that they receive from clients. The client may come to the tattoo studio with their preferred image, or select a design from the tattoo designers portfolio or stock of pictures. The best tattoo artists in Mau can also customize a design as per the client’s requests. Famous artists always provide a personalized tattoo design for each and every customer. Now-a-days 3D tattoos are very popular.

Tasks Performed By Tattoo Designers

  • Clean and sterilize tattoo equipment and work areas.
  • Come up with new tattoo designs and customize designs to customer specifications.
  • Research the latest trends to keep up with what is going on in the world of tattoos.
  • Book appointments for clients, meet and discuss with clients to determine the best design for them.
  • Create new tattoos on clients’ skins, cover up old tattoos and remove any tattoos that the customer is not pleased with.
  • Provide information to clients on aftercare and what to expect during the next few days following their tattooing session.
  • Keep tools and work areas thoroughly clean, sterilized and sanitized to avoid the risk of infecting clients with contaminated tools.

Choosing The Right Tattoo Studio

Since tattooing uses sharp tools to break the skin and inject ink, it increases the danger of transferring pathogens and infections through the blood. Contaminated needles can cause fatal diseases and other acute conditions. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you choose a tattoo shop in and around Mau that adheres to strict hygienic conditions in order to protect your health even as you get the tattoo of your dreams. Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing a tattoo artist and studio near you:

1. Pick an experienced and licensed tattooing professional over one who is just starting out. Even if the latter may provide services at cheaper costs, you run the risk of getting substandard work from someone who has not yet perfected his craft.

2. Use Mau tattoo artists that you have been referred to by friends whose ink you admire.

3. Visit several parlors and look at portfolios of their work before you make a decision. Speak with different artists and ask to see examples of their work so that you can have several bases for comparison.

4. If you have any conditions that could be adversely affected by tattooing, seek medical advice, or avoid getting a tattoo altogether.

Cost Of Tattoo Design

A small permanent tattoo will set you back INR 2000 while a large one costs around INR 10000. As per the design, size and the body part the cost of tattoo in Mau may get vary. However, there are many tattoo places offering temporary tattoo design and is a popular trend these days among kids. Temporary tattoos are cheaper in price as compared to the permanent ones.

Getting a tattoo is a wonderful way to express your individuality or make a statement about the things you are passionate about. Getting the right information before going in for a tattoo, shopping around for the best deal and ensuring to visit only places that are safe and sanitary will ensure that you can select the right choice for you and get a wonderful design that will delight you for years to come.


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